Modern bathtub make a bathroom comfortable

Modern bathroom design is very interesting. There are several factors that make it modern like wall paint, furniture selection. this is one example of the selection of bath furnishings that create a modern bathroom.

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interior design natural shades

designing the living room blue shades of color of the walls, furniture and carpet grass to make the room feel natural. This apartment is designed like this intentionally in accordance with the outer atmosphere overlooking the beach and beautiful nature. This is one example of interior design may be useful for you 

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Tiny The Artistic Home Design

The development of real estate today is very fast, this is marked by numerous property development units, for example: apartment or a super-exclusive luxury condominium or building small houses that simple. Along with the development of the property world, the needs of the community will house these days is very high.

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Aircraft designed to be home

From day to day more and more people who like the plane where it makes the emergence of the houses and hotels built over the airframe. Perhaps also houses and hotels of this hotel gives the feel like sleeping on a cloud time yes, so that more people who want to try and feel it.
Home of the plane have in Costa Rica and is the original kerangaka Boeing 727 aircraft. Sturdy airframe is indeed a durable material and can be used as a place to build a house.

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